• Each year the ABA selects a bird of the year to celebrate and spotlight. For 2024, the ABA has chosen the Golden-winged Warbler—a beautiful bird that can be seen right here in the Midwest—as its Bird of the Year!

    To celebrate all this, our friend, famed Chicago artist Tony Fitzpatrick, has created this remarkable composition that graces the cans of this limited release. Chicago, meet Gold Wing!

  • This thoroughly modern pale ale nods to its ancestors with a toasty malt base providing the foundation for the juiciest of juicy hop aromas and flavors you can imagine. ABV - 5.5%

  • Perfumed with Michigan grown Saaz hops, this twist on a Czech style pilsner brings a floral and slightly lemony aroma to a crisp, yet satisfying, malt base balanced with just enough bitterness to create a clean dry finish. ABV - 5.5%

  • Bready malt aroma with a slight touch of noble German hops. Bavaria's response to Pilsner. ABV - 4.7%

  • Helles Bock with Honey
    The deep golden color gets you thinking about honey. The malt bill supports that idea with a suggestion of sweetness, yet this beer finishes dry with floral and herbal aromas in the background. ABV - 7.4%

  • Rich ruby color foretells the cascading malt flavors to follow. Noble hop varieties play a supporting role in this classic German style that may be the liquid equivalent of the Ride of the Valkyries.

  • Lighter in color and with more restrained malt character this “new” festbier has a soft finish emphasizing bready Pils malt balanced with noble hops.

  • Highlighting the toasted flavors of Munich malt, this is the beer most Americans associate with Oktoberfest and the arrival of fall.

  • Refreshing pale lager with cracker like malt, a touch of corn and a noticeably crisp finish. ABV - 5.4%

  • Dark mahogany supports a crema like foam that may suggest espresso until that first sip when waves of rich malt caress the palette offset by just enough hop bitterness to avoid an overly sweet finish. ABV - 5.1%