Ein Beer IX

Availability – Year Round





What is Ein Bier? It’s just “A Beer” and each year we brew something different and serve it on or around the anniversary of our opening. We number them for the year to come so we are proud to present Ein Bier #9 as we celebrate our 8th anniversary and kick off our 9th year of operation.

So what is #9? Way back in March 2023 we released a beer we called Ein Bier #8. The concept was a Helles Bock with honey. Folks loved it and we looked to the calendar to determine when we might be able to fit a full size batch into our brewing schedule. That idea evolved into a plan to brew a full size batch in the fall and to separate out a couple kegs worth to age in wood for release as Ein Bier #9 in March 2024. Being a relatively light beer (in barrel aged beer terms) we knew it couldn’t age very long in the barrel. To help in this regard we decided to re-use the barrel we used to age our 2023 Lahgerwood… So Ein Bier #8 spent about 2 months in the previously used Lahgerwood barrel to create Ein Bier #9.