Oktoberfest Festbier

Availability – Early Fall

Style – BeerStyle

color: 4 SRM – pale / moderate / dark

bitterness: 23 IBU – low / moderate / high

alcohol: 6.0% ABV – low / moderate / high

Glassware and Serving

  • Willi Becher
  • 16 oz

  • 38-42 F

Beginning in 1990 a new style was developed by the city brewers of Munich to be served at the annual Oktoberfest celebration. Lighter in color and with more restrained malt character this “new” festbier has a soft finish emphasizing bready Pils malt balanced with noble hops. Seldom packaged for export, festbier is difficult to find outside of Munich.


  • Color: Golden

  • Foam: White

  • Clarity: Bright


  • Body: Medium

  • Carbonation: Medium

  • Finish: Medium

Flavor & Aroma

  • Malt: Light toast, bread dough aroma, suggesting soft sweetness

  • Hop: Light bitterness supports malt, low noble hop aroma

  • Alcohol: Not evident