Oktoberfest Märzen

Availability – Early Fall

Style – BeerStyle

color: 16 SRM – pale / moderate / dark

bitterness: 23 IBU – low / moderate / high

alcohol: 6.0% ABV – low / moderate / high

Glassware and Serving

  • Willi Becher
  • 16 oz

  • 38-42 F

Highlighting the toasted flavors of Munich malt, this is the beer most Americans associate with Oktoberfest and the arrival of fall. It is an amber lager in the Märzen style and represents the beer served during the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich from 1872 to 1989. Several Bavarian breweries continue to brew this style today though only seasonally and primarily for export to the United States.


  • Color: Amber
  • Foam: Off-White
  • Clarity: Bright


  • Body: Medium
  • Carbonation: Medium
  • Finish: Moderately dry

Flavor & Aroma

  • Malt: Complex toasted bread suggesting sweetness
  • Hop: Moderate bitterness supports malt, very light noble hop aroma
  • Alcohol: Not evident